People aren’t hiring just a picture, they’re hiring someone they can work with. That plays a big role.
— Gregory Heisler

About Me

I am a freelance multimedia journalist and creator based in New York. I was raised in Brooklyn, NY, which has continued to give me a unique and diverse perspective. From a young age, I knew I was a visual communicator. My goal has always been to give others the world through my eyes and show perspectives previously unseen. Proficient in both stills and video, I am unafraid to use whatever medium tells the story best. In my free time, you might find me on the water sailing or fishing.

I'm currently working on my B.S. in Photojournalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, where my professors and mentors continue to push me to new heights.

Contact me by pressing the button below, for questions or inquiries. I'm always looking to work with other creatives and new people. Please reach out!

Photo by  Liam Sheehan

Photo by Liam Sheehan