Story Behind The Image #2 - Blizzard

This photo was taken during an infamously crazy blizzard in my hometown of New York City. I had gone out to take photos around my neighborhood, regardless of the cold and snow. I found a few stuck cars, some cold people, but nothing too interesting. Then, it seemed as though there was someone else who was out doing his thing regardless of the cold and snow. A food delivery man on his bike. The only one who was out that night, this food delivery man was bundled up, and moving very slowly, but making progress and doing his job nonetheless. I found his effort remarkable. 

Story Behind The Image #1 - Portrait 1

Hey there,

First of all, welcome to my new website, I hope you enjoy my work. This is a blog post I'll be doing for a while to tell the story behind how some of my photos came to be. Thanks for reading!


I took this photo on Halloween last year, of a classmate at my school at the time, who was wearing some face makeup in an effort to look scary for Halloween. Having just taken some photos in a much brighter setting, when he stood under a can light in the ceiling I accidentally took this very black photo of him, which turned out to be a very interesting and emotional portrait. When we realized what had happened we tried to take more, but none of them were quite the same as the original.